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Switching Users Problems

Blacks screen with cursor when trying to boot up Windows 7

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It takes 3 minutes before the logo switches to the login screen

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Black Screen with cursor.

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windows having black screen issue.

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Black screen with cursor - Laptop

Win7 KSOD after reboot. No recovery possible!?

Black screen before login screen

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crashes by screen going black

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HP pavilion 17-e049wm laptop with black screen

Blank screen after Windows logo

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Black Screen After Log In

BlueScreen error (monitor has no display) - Mac Pro 2008 running Win7

Booting to a blank screen

Black screen at startup

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64-bit - Blank screen on boot up

Black Screen After Nvidia Driver Update

Monitor goes blank before log-in screen

Black screen of hanging?

Black Screen at boot up problem?

Black screen instead of login (can't do anything)

Black Screen after Windows 7 Load.

Black Screen on startup: Monitor or windows broken?

After logging in desktop appears for a second and screen goes blank

Black screen on logon

Valid Assumptions from a completely black screen on Boot ?

Installation hangs on black screen

Black screen between Windows starting and login screen

Black screen of death - even in safe mode

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Solved black screen after "loading windows" screen

Cannot boot to windows 7

black screen

tried a clean install of windows 7 pro and got a blinking screen

Black screen and mouse curser

black screen stuck

Windows not starting up (black screen)

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