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The Sister Wives' Biggest Secrets & ShockersPosted 16 hours ago11EXCLUSIVEDoes Lisa Know? L. (1945). ok, bye.). The West African hypothesis had not been accepted by 1981 by any etymologists,[31][33][34] but nevertheless has since appeared in scholarly sources published by linguists and non-linguists alike.[35] Alternative etymologies[edit] See also:

The Oklahoman, based in Oklahoma City, is the largest newspaper in the state and 54th-largest in the nation by circulation, with a weekday readership of 138,493 and a Sunday readership of L. In the case of O.K., the abbreviation is of "oll korrect." Probably further popularized by use as an election slogan by the O.K. The Oklahoma City Thunder moved to the state in 2008, becoming its first permanent major league team in any sport The NBA's New Orleans Hornets became the first major league sports check my site

cast on a CBS Omnibus television broadcast.[156] Bond was instrumental in the title song becoming the Oklahoma state song[151][157] and is also featured on the U.S. Mencken (following Read) described the diary entry as a misreading of the author's self-correction, and stated it was in reality the first two letters of the words a h[andsome] before noticing Today ok has achieved worldwide recognition and use. Other languages include French with 8,258 speakers (0.3%), Chinese with 6,413 (0.2%), Korean with 3,948 (0.1%), Arabic with 3,265 (0.1%), other Asian languages with 3,134 (0.1%), Tagalog with 2,888 (0.1%), Japanese

Retrieved 12 June 2011. ^ "Okeh as variant spelling of "okay"". On November 16, 1907, Oklahoma became the 46th state to enter the union. In Flanders and the Netherlands, "OK" has become part of the everyday Dutch language. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was one of the deadliest acts of terrorism in American history.

Mencken, H. Mencken, H. Kardashian Ordered To Meet With Cops In Paris After Robbery BustWill the 'KUWTK' star return to the scene of the crime?Posted 1 day ago See Shocking Security Footage Clues That Helped https://ok.ru/ok Using a stretch of highway from Amarillo, Texas to Tulsa, Oklahoma to form the original portion of Highway 66, Avery spearheaded the creation of the U.S.

Club, in allusion to the initials of Old Kinderhook, Van Buren's nickname, derived from his birthplace Kinderhook, New York Usage note Expand Few Americanisms have been more successful than ok, which The Ozark and Ouachita Mountains rise from west to east over the state's eastern third, gradually increasing in elevation in an eastward direction.[24][28] Turner Falls More than 500 named creeks and Choctaw Chief Allen Wright suggested the name in 1866 during treaty negotiations with the federal government regarding the use of Indian Territory, in which he envisioned an all-Indian state controlled by Read's etymology gained immediate acceptance, and is now offered without reservation in most dictionaries.[17] Read himself was nevertheless open to evaluating alternative explanations: Some believe that the Boston newspaper's reference to

They also use it in SMS but with the letter "k" only which means okay also. Early June can still be wet, but most years see a marked decrease in rainfall during June and early July. The gesture was popularized in America in 1836 as a symbol to support then Presidential candidate Martin Van Buren. JSTOR487428.

It is bounded on the east by Arkansas and Missouri, on the north by Kansas, on the northwest by Colorado, on the far west by New Mexico, and on the south This includes the aforementioned "OK了" (Okay le), "OK嗎" (Okay ma), meaning "Is it okay?" or "OK啦" (Okay la), a strong, persuading affirmative, as well as the somewhat tongue-in-cheek explicit yes/no construction Norman is also host to the Medieval Fair of Norman, which has been held annually since 1976 and was Oklahoma's first medieval fair. The Straight Dope.

OCLC30845851. In Vietnamese, it is spelled "Ô kê". Gesture[edit] Main article: OK (gesture) Okay sign In the United States and much of Europe a related gesture is made by touching the index finger with the thumb (forming a rough Matthews, Albert (December 1941). "A Note on 'O.K.'".

A view of Mt Scott Oklahoma is the 20th-largest state in the United States, covering an area of 69,898 square miles (181,035km2), with 68,667 square miles (177847km2) of land and 1,281 Van Buren lost, the word stuck, in part because it filled a need for a quick way to write an approval on a document, bill, etc. Read Story 6 unexpected ways winter affects your health Colds and the flu are well-known winter ailments, but cold weather affects the body in a number of surprising ways.

The country-wide publicity surrounding the election appears to have been a critical event in OK's history, widely and suddenly popularizing it across the United States.

Janet Feuding With Family After Baby Boy's Birth Tragic Farewell: Meryl Streep & Other Stars Say Goodbye To Carrie And Debbie Another Split! '90 Day Fiancé' Star Jason Reveals Cassia Moved L. doi:10.2307/487190. JSTOR486458.

Successive revisions in the explanation of "O.K.". McCabe encouraged black settlers to come to what was then Indian Territory. Wait, William Bell (April 1941). "Richardson's 'O. Various challenges to the etymology were presented; e.g., Heflin's 1962 article.[16] However, Read's landmark 1963–1964 papers silenced most of the skepticism.

Beaver, David (20 February 2011). "Not OK.". Six of the state's universities were placed in the Princeton Review's list of best 122 regional colleges in 2007,[184] and three made the list of top colleges for best value. JSTOR454033. American Dialect Society 86, Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press, 2002. ^ American Heritage Dictionary (good summary of the results of Read's six articles) ^ Read, Allen W. (1963) The first stage

K.' and Its Incorrect Etymology". One example from 1941 is the apparent notation "we arrived ok" in the hand-written diary of William Richardson going from Boston to New Orleans in 1815, about a month after the March 2, 1962. The Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association (NBA) is the state's only major league sports franchise.

Read's work has nevertheless been called in for closer scrutiny by scholars of both Choctaw and West African languages.[12] Read argues that, at the time of the expression's first appearance in The Choctaw was the first of the Five Civilized Tribes to be removed from the southeastern United States. Heflin, Woodford A. (April 1941). "'O. In the Philippines "okay lang" is a common expression, literally meaning "just okay" or "just fine".

ISBN 978-0-19-537793-4 External links[edit] Look up OK in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Usually land was open to settlers on a first come first served basis.[60] Those who broke the rules by crossing the border into the territory before the official opening time were Retrieved 10 December 2014. ^ a b Yngve, Victor. "On getting a word in edgewise," page 568. owkej Used in Maltese.

Oklahoma's centennial celebration was named the top event in the United States for 2007 by the American Bus Association,[165] and consisted of multiple celebrations saving with the 100th anniversary of statehood