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Desperetly Need HELP : My New 3 TB WD Shows As Only 2 TB In Disk Mgmt


I would of course very much appreciated any more light on this suggested solution before I will connect the old to the new enclosure! I can see it under device managment but only as a disk drive without any name. August 22, 2012 melics i have a 160 gb WD sata harddisk.. If the drive is not empty or contains partitions, this option is unavailable. weblink

But it's worth trying. How can I organize files based on their filename first letter into A-Z folders How much should reviewers care about other things than an article's content? No difference. Anyways back to my question, once I disassemble the drive from the case, would I have just as much luck (if any) connecting the bare drive with a USB to SATA

3tb Hard Drive Only Shows 2tb

Any ideas? If it does this means the drive has physical damage and you should try cloning it off with a forensic cloner like Speed Clone. One day lost! Hopefully it is still under warranty.

Upon finishing, I went to various manufacturers' website to get latest drivers for motherboard, video card, etc. (including restarts and such) and then shut down for the day. Ask ! So yeah, Active Partition Recovery seems to do the trick with GPT drives. 3tb Hard Drive Windows 10 Thanks in advance!

I don't dare to remove the case myself anyway. 3tb Hard Drive Windows 7 Maybe the the real issue is the"ecosystem," meaning all the tools we use to address some issue of system design and management. It uninstalled properly, then it installed itself properly. poee, Sep 2, 2011 poee, Sep 2, 2011 #8 Sep 2, 2011 #9 Old Hippie [H]ardness Supreme Messages: 6,013 Joined: Oct 31, 2005 so the new 3TB will be a backup

Do I choose the MBR or the GPT option? 3tb Hdd Not Showing Full Capacity Any suggestions? Twenty years experience tells me the drive is readable but needs to be low leveled or (safer) replaced BUT I'd like the date on it if I can get it. Is there something I can do, some settings I can tweak somewhere where I can now use my external again on my computer.

3tb Hard Drive Windows 7

Sector view in Hex Editor said Sector 0 as Invalid Partition Table and Invalid Operating system 3. http://newwikipost.org/topic/cfw2JO2u4s6PYgmZT8UX4eioR7799dHy/1-5TB-hard-disk-shows-1360GB.html You will not be able to read the drive under Windows. 3tb Hard Drive Only Shows 2tb The SATA3 interface isn't the problem, but using a non-WD drive that's not designed for that enclosure might be. 3tb Hard Drive Only Shows 746gb I should note that my computer freezes when it tries to recognize the external.

Thanks in advance… David Mohyla January 15, 2013 2:08 pm Reply # Hi Josh, try Mac Drive. http://lacosteradigital.com/hard-drive/need-disk-diagnostic-tool.html The drive is a Comstar 1TB External HD. Drive F: still appears on my Computer and I can now access Shared Files between both computers which I couldn't do after installing MaxBlast5. I was then told I needed to format it and change file system from default NTFS to exFAT which I did after deleting all the movies off it. How To Convert Hard Drive To Gpt

This in turn caused some error with the AHCI driver that caused the GPT to be rewritten on the next boot to conform with a disk size of 746GiB, trashing the i guess first RAW is what manufacture have produced, second NTSC is what was shipped and the last one is my last format command. no reaction whatsoever. check over here The point is my PCB does not have the jumper you mention (J6) MyBook is a 2 TB USB 2.0 model.

So I when I searched more I found many people saying it could be a lack of power problem. 3tb Hard Drive Partition Report tbagg- Jun 10, 2009 at 06:16 PM can someone please break down wht razac said to do, maybe even razac. Last edited: Sep 2, 2011 odditory, Sep 2, 2011 odditory, Sep 2, 2011 #7 Sep 2, 2011 #8 poee Limp Gawd Messages: 253 Joined: Nov 15, 2005 @odditory: Great advice, thanks!

look for your drive and right click and delete the 2.0 tb partition. 4.

I purchased a Toshiba 1TB USB 3.0 hard drive today. David Mohyla May 31, 2012 8:56 am Reply # Hi Paul, If your card is indicating it needs to be formatted etc… Yes, you can try the same process. Any ideas or solutions? 3tb Hard Drive Windows 7 64 Bit I run Windows 7 64 bit OS.

my netbook says "please reboot or choose proper disk drive" and then i remove my harddrive on it to recover my files, then i connected it on my desktop via ide/sata and if by chance the data was lost is there a way to retrieve !!!!! You can also delete those from the device manager. this content Any help or suggestions please?

I have 3 internal harddrives. Click on disk management, should be on the left towards the bottom of the list.3. March 21, 2012 Dave Completely format the drive and then put Windows on it It sounds like it might have the grub bootloader partition on it. I have tried resetting the chipset memory and I can hear the drive spinning up but it just doesn't show on my Mac or pc.

drescherjm, Aug 30, 2011 drescherjm, Aug 30, 2011 #2 Aug 30, 2011 #3 Old Hippie [H]ardness Supreme Messages: 6,013 Joined: Oct 31, 2005 It doesn't look like PerfectDisk 11 Pro is i still don't understand why it still does that. Popular Hard Drive Utilities Try hard drive utilities such as Seatools for Seagate drives and Western Digital Data Lifeguard for WD drives. Reply Ben says: 2014-October-10 at 5:36 am Dear Carlton I got this 1TB My Book Essential stop working (used on Mac) 1.

I think the drive might be failing, but I'm really hoping it's not some sort of dirty virus. I can guess that when I pulled the usb by accident ,somehow I loose the two pieces ... I tried TestDisk, ...... .......Sorry for this long post, but I thought others might want to see some of this if they run into similar issues.Click to expand... When I initially plug it in, you can hear the drive start up and spin for a few seconds and then it dies down.

March 20, 2012 Jon Hi, Dave I got a 500GB WD model WD500AVDS and it will only spin up at boot with Linux and not windows, when i try with Windows Or do I need a Linux-based system to read the data off the drive (given that the MyBook NAS is Linux-based)? December 31, 2013 Dave It should be necessary to replace the cable unless you see that it is damaged. omniscence, Oct 4, 2012 omniscence, Oct 4, 2012 #19 Oct 4, 2012 #20 r19h72 n00bie Messages: 4 Joined: Jan 20, 2012 Maybe I should say the GPT implementation of Windows Server

I've tried razac's suggestion, and uninstalled the Mass Storage Device in Device Manager, but when I reboot the drive, it reinstalls itself as Mass Storage Device, not as it did as I have a WD My Book Home 1TB that went south but I believe the culprit is the port circuit board. I have a WD Mybookworldone 1TB NAS (WD10000D033) drive. Thank You very much.

After 30 minutes, drive comes comes there (in logic disks) in disk management area as "2048 GB Unallocated" with label as "disk0 Unknown". Thanks, Donald Reply Carlton Bale says: 2014-March-24 at 2:38 am Donald, replacing parts and PBCs on the drive itself is not an easy or straightforward task. Drives "G" and "F" are for media storage. If the drive is not in an enclosure (external hard drive) then your best bet is going to be to call a data recovery company like DTI Data Recovery.