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Sound is some how disabled for some programs

weird sound issue

Youtube no sound in firefox

No sound from headphones

No sound

Realtek Audio Windows 7 No Sound

No audio from Aspire 5742z

no sound please help

IE11 No audio on Youtube or Vimeo etc. Chrome/FF ok. what gives?

No sound -- but only on one particular site

no sound. period.

Sound worked yesterday but today it Dosen't.

Suddenly lost volume from You-Tube.

No sound on m2ts file from blueray played on wmp

No sound in IE 9 when I load my homepage.

Sound not working anymore!

Win 7 upgrade and sound issues

No sound from onboard audio (Realtek High Defition Audio)

No audio in YouTube with Explorer 11. Firefox works just fine

No Sound - Realtek HD Audio

no sound fox news web site

Sound doesn't work

NVidia install disables start-up sound

No sound windows 7 ultimate 64 acer Aspire 7738G

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