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explorer.exe is resource hungry

problem with explorer.exe on startup also dvd rom problems

Windows Explorer hangs

Windows Explorer has stopped working repeatedly

Win 7 64 bit - windows explorer keeps crashing

explorer freeze

Windows Explorer stalling

Explored.exe freezing continually after login.

Windows Explorer problem with copying wav files

Crashing Explorer

Have to manually refresh after renaming/moving/creating new folder etc

Libraries/Favorites/My Computer Order?

Windows explorer access

Explorer.exe keeps crashing system

Multiple explorer.exe randomly load. Who else has this

Windows explorer treating me like an idiot

Explorer keeps crashing/restarting on a folder

Windows Explorer has stopped working crash

Windows Explorer (BEX64) Fault Module Name: CSRBthFtpShellExt.dll_unlo

Windows explorer crashing problem

windows 7 startup (taskbar) very slow

Windows 7 home premium Internet Explorer Error

Windows Explorer crashes

7Explorer in x86 crashing

Folder increasing explorer.exe cpu usage

Perm. Folder options. file listing/columns changes.

Running Windows Explorer from Windows 2000 under Windows 7

Windows Explorer Proplem

Win 7 x64 explorer crashes

Windows Explorer crashes randomly and has to restart

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